s-1104My name is Sue Cobb and Iʼm delighted to welcome you to Sportabella, where our goal is to celebrate the female athlete of all ages. For anyone whoʼs interested, Iʼd like to take a minute to tell the story of why I started my firm and share the philosophy behind our brand.

For starters, my husband and I have been blessed with six incredible kids: five daughters and a son. Iʼve been an athlete, at least at some level, most of my life, and sports and fitness have been a vital part of our family from the beginning. As a kid, I enjoyed swimming and running. As an adult, life wouldnʼt be complete without marathons, triathlons and girlsʼ youth lacrosse coaching…along with thousands of miles of driving to and from innumerable practices, games and camps…which is, in itself, kind of a sport as well I suppose 🙂

Like many of you, I am very passionate about the confidence and strong sense of well-being athletics and physical fitness provide and am thankful that today my girls, and many others across the world, have the same opportunity to experience the invaluable life-lessons and mental, spiritual and physical growth gained from sports as my son does. Hopefully, someday soon, it will be that way everywhere.

Watching my kids play is pure joy, but Iʼve come to realize that, even at my age, I feel that same amazing sense of happiness and empowerment when I train, compete or coach. To me, the epitome of female inner and outer strength and beauty is a woman in stride. Sheʼs fit, confident and has purpose; sheʼs focused. And just below the surface, ready to dawn across her face, is a timeless smile. We are all the same in sport: we are young women of all ages. And we are beautiful. Thatʼs where the name Sportabella originated.

The mission of Sportabella is to celebrate the female athlete by dressing up the outside with cool, stylish stuff that amplifies the joy inside.

I hope you find something here you enjoy; please let me know if you have any ideas for how we can improve our offering.

Many Thanks!